Enabling the Next Generation of Financial Services

Navigating Change in Financial Markets

Chakra Advisors LLC provides data-driven insights on how technological, regulatory, and competitive forces will impact the financial services industry
An Economic Strategy Consulting Firm

Innovative and Creative Solutions for Today's Challenges

Analyzing the impact of financial technology on market efficiency, untapped markets, and cost reduction while contributing to the development of safe, sound, and equitable public policy 



Chakra Advisors LLC provides consulting services to senior leaders on how technology will shape the financial services industry.

In-Depth Studies

Chakra Advisors LLC produces proprietary and publicly-available data-driven studies on the impact of technological change on the provision of financial services.


Chakra Advisors LLC leads workshops on key issues facing the financial services industry geared for decision makers in the public and private sectors.
Who We Are

Who We Are

We are an innovative and creative economic strategy consulting firm that uses data-driven analysis to advise industry participants and policymakers on the evolving financial market services industry. Our experts advise public and private sector decision makers on how to create a more dynamic, accessible, and resilient financial system. 

What We Do

What We Do

We bring innovative ideas to navigate the challenges facing the financial services industry based on our broad collective experience. Our thought leaders advise large and complex financial institutions, global financial networks, FinTechs, central banks, and think tanks.



Our innovative research uses cutting-edge empirical tools that informs strategic business decisions, shapes sound public policy, and enables greater financial inclusion. Our team's research has appeared in well-known industry, central bank, academic publications, and cited by leading financial news outlets.


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OCC Bank Regulator
Chakravorti Presents at OCC
News, February 14, 2024

Bob Chakravorti was invited to present his paper with Jeff Allen, Santiago Carbo, Francisco Rodriquez, and Oya Ardic at the OCC.

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