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Incumbent and emerging financial service providers face the following challenges because of changes in technology, competition, and regulation:

  • How to offer value-added services to customers to meet their current and future needs?
  • How to identify appropriate business models?
  • How to implement the proper incentives to encourage adoption and usage?
  • How to interpret proprietary and market data to improve product offerings?
  • How to comply with existing and new regulations?

Chakra Advisors has expertise in the following products and markets:

  • Payment platforms and funds transfer systems at the retail and wholesale level
  • Wholesale and retail lending platforms
  • Insurance products and platforms
  • Cyber currencies such as Bitcoin
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies

Chakra Advisors informs policymakers on implementation of an optimal regulatory framework. Chakra Advisors can help in the following areas:

  • Determining the role of public authorities in the development and support of financial services including policies to improve financial inclusion and the use of electronic payments to improve social and economic conditions broadly
  • Informing the construction of optimal public policy regarding financial services that encourages innovation while maintaining the stability of the system
  • Quantifying the impact of current and pending regulatory policies on the availability of financial products to consumers and businesses
  • Comparing regulations within and across products in various jurisdictions

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